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The title of Julita Wójcik’s action for the camera is a slogan taken from the Safety and Security Ad Campaign that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York has been running for several years. Announcements, printed on posters and broadcast via loudspeakers, recommend vigilance and suspicion.

BE SUSPICIOUS OF ANYTHING UNATTENDED?BE SUSPICIOUS OF ANYTHING UNATTENDED. Tell a cop, an MTA employee, or call 1-888-NYC-SAFE.? Every object, every incident of different behavior, constitutes a potential threat. If you see a suspicious package or activity on the platform or train, don?t keep it to yourself. Even the most common thing in the world, a lost black briefcase, that, like a black Volga (a Soviet car used to scare children in Poland) may be a source of fear and devastation.

DID ANYONE FIND A BLACK BRIEFCASE (Please don’t forget to take your stuff with you.) Tell a cop, an MTA employee, or call 1-888-NYC-SAFE. No matter where you are in the region. The call is free. Everything around us seems to be whispering that the only thing that can save us is our own strenuous vigilance. And in the fight against danger, every sense is of service.

USE YOUR EYES. HE?LL USE HIS NOSE. We’re counting on everyone. Tell a cop, an MTA employee, or call 1-888-NYC-SAFE.

Julita Wójcik doesn’t restrict herself to following orders passively; accepting the role assigned by the announcement, she attempts to take responsibility into her own hands. She actively strives to pass it on. Alone, with a megaphone over her head, she tramps the nearer and farther environs. She calls for attention to the instructions: Listen for announcements. On hearing the orders, she endeavors as best she can to repeat them: PLEASE TAKE YOUR THINGS. OR WE WILL.

BE SUSPICIOUS OF ANYTHING UNATTENDED. But what’s to be done when a person suddenly ends up in Norway, at the very center of virgin nature, amongst jagged fjords, turquoise waters, snowcapped crags, and roaring waterfalls, where of one’s own free will, one would like to surrender to the beauty of nature? ?If you see suspicious things or activities on a fjord or in the mountains, don?t keep it to yourself.? Against whom can one be vigilant, when all around there?s not a living soul? To what does one pay heed? What does one do at the peak of a mountain attended by no one? What is odd at the very center of this unreal, fairytale, one might even say suspiciously unusual landscape?