Borderlands - an initiative to promote and produce art in public space in Berlin
14.01.2007 by sujaschko

Borderlands is a long-term Berlin-based project designed to encourage innovative and experimental public projects by international artists.

Located on the Spree River at the East-West juncture of a former shipping border, Borderlands aims to expand along Berlin’s many cultural and political crossroads, from the Ostbahnhof to the new Hauptbahnhof, from Universal and MTV Germany Head Quarters to the Hamburger Bahnhof museum. Public art will be displayed on the wastelands in-between of major corporate and cultural institutions, such as the Deutsche Architketurzentrum, the Rem Koolhaas designed Dutch Embassy and the Museumsinsel—thus investing and producing a yet to be defined public and/or private space. The intention is to both access and develop a culturally neglected terrain where urban planning is still in the making. Scenarios of communication, transportation and crossings, especially along the water and railroad, play a dominant role in the Borderlands topography.

In close collaboration with the artists invited, Borderlands will reflect on a new, and Berlin-specific relationship between contemporary art practices and the production of urban identities. While an affirmative Hauptstadt uses most public art, and even art institutions such as the Flick Collection, for ambivalent branding purposes, Borderlands aims to foster a less object-oriented and more site-conscious art which seeks integration between politics, architecture and the landscape. With members of the urban managerial class (such as architects, landscape architects, city planners, urban designers, and city administrators), corporate and cultural neighbours of the Borderlands (MTV, Universal, Fashion Institute, the multi-disciplinary arts venue arena, a.o.), and contemporary artists, an integrative cultural network will be developed where aesthetic categories play a major role in the representation and creation of urban identities.

Borderlands is the a Berlin-based initiative to promote art in public space and is conceptually in a tradition of similar international projects such as the Public Art Fund in New York, artangel in London, Nuit Blanche in Paris, and the legendary Münster Sculpture Projects.

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