Transformations of Public Space
16.02.2007 by Urban Interface Berlin

International symposium

February 15 and 16, 2006 Stedelijk Museum CS Amsterdam Website of symposium

The Professorship of art and public space organizes a symposium on the transformations of the public realm and the possibilities for art and design to play a role there since the 1960s.

Dutch policies regarding public space have a long history of ideas on the communal and educational potentials of visual art. Shifts in concepts and practices of public space as well as concepts of art have given this tradition new directions.

During the last decades artworks have for instance been functioning as stimuli for the senses, as demarcations for specific places and spaces, and as agents for social change. This symposium focuses on the relation between art and the public domain in the post-industrial societies and more specifically on the transformations during the last 40 years.

The symposium is divided into three sessions. On Thursday evening February 15, Practising Public Space, with Anne Pasternak Creative Time, New York, Marjetica Potrc and Bik Van der Pol. On Friday morning February 16. Theorising Public Space and Politics, with Chantal Mouffe, Maarten Hajer and Gerard Drosterij, in the afternoon, session 3 Theorising Public Space and Art, with Logo Parc, Jeroen Boomgaard, Stephen Wright and Liam Gillick. Moderated by Jouke Kleerebezem.

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