Overview of art projects urban interface berlin
19.02.2007 by sujaschko

Originally we had planned to go online with the detailed project descriptions of the artworks at the end of January, but unfortunately we have to postpone the website update to beginning of March.

Instead here is a brief overview of the projects, just artists’ names, titles and ‘genres’ and some links. We are really sorry for the inconvinience, but we thought it is crucial that we publish this now that we cannot provide the full information. At least it gives some impression of what urban interface berlin is going to be!

Jussi Ängeslevä (FI) + Richard The (DE): Coincidence

Interaktive Plakatserie – Interactive poster series

Ort: Durchgang Chausseestraße 8e zur Novalisstraße

Site: Passageway between Chausseestraße 8 E and Novalisstraße

Website Jussi Ängeslevä

Website Richard The

Laura Beloff (FI): The Head

Tragbare Skulptur und Online-Archiv – Wearable sculpture and online archive

Website Laura Beloff

Department für öffentliche Erscheinungen (DE): Die persönliche Meinung als öffentliche Erscheinung – Personal View as Public Appearance

Partizipatorische Intervention an der Schnittstelle von oöffentlichem und privatem Raum – Participative intervention on the interspace between public and private space

Ort/Site: Müllerstraße 1-3a / Chausseestraße 75

Website Department

Oliver Hangl (AT): Mitting (Arbeitstitel/working title)

Audiovisuelle Performance, Demonstration und kommunikatives Experiment – Audiovisual performance, demonstration and communication experiment

Startpunkt/Starting point: Sparwasser HQ, Torstraße 161, 26 + 28 April at 6 pm

Website Oliver Hangl

Gustav Hellberg (SE): Zone – Out Of Vision

Interaktive Lichtinstallation – Interactive light installation

Ort/Site: Brunnenstraße 48-50, crn Bernauer Straße

Daniel Jolliffe (CA): Berliner Stimmen

Mobile Skulptur und partizipatorische Performance – Mobile sculpture and participative performance

Ort/Site: Rund um die Ackerstraße/ In the area of Ackerstraße, 15/ 22 April and 1 May at 3 pm, 17 / 24 / 26 / 28 April and 3 May at 5 pm

Website Daniel Jolliffe

Jocelyn Robert (CA): The Politics of Geometry

Soundporträts von öffentlichen und privaten Räumen – Sound portraits of public and private spaces

Orte/Sites: Chausseestraße 52A/52B. Borsigstraße 14, Grenzstraße 3- 5 und Wattstraße 17/18A

Website Jocelyn Robert

Niklas Goldbach (DE): Refugia – neues Wohnen

Installative Interventionen – Installative interventions

Orte/Sites: Auf einer Reihe von privaten Baugrundstücken / On a row of building sites

Website Niklas Goldbach

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