Urban reanimations and the minimal intervention
12.03.2007 by Urban Interface Berlin


Urban reanimations and the minimal intervention

A discourse on the reactivation and transformation of spaces and architectures with minimal means and resources. The most unlikely interventions and redesigns for marginal and obsolete urban spaces are often implemented with minimal resources and the most basic of materials. Several built projects will show how an aesthetic of the unfinished and the makeshift can reshape our notions of useable – and useful – space.

The exhibition poses the question – in an age of relentless development and gentrification, cleaning up and perfecting urban territories to conform with an aesthetic of social acceptability, can new architecture devise more subtle ways to interact with a given (an existing) context? Can lo-tech and laissez-faire design present relevant alternatives to the driving force of urban renewal?

Resourceful designs and ventures into problematic or underused spaces of the city and its peripheries need not involve state of the art materials. It is often precariousness – a situation driven by limited budgets and indeterminate settings – which inspires the most innovative and dynamic architectural designs.

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