Area of urban interface oslo defined
19.03.2007 by sujaschko

The planning of urban interface olso is slowly taking shape. Out of the 32 proposals three works have been selected for the Oslo version of the urban interface project. The names of the artists will be published soon. Currently, we are trying to secure the financial basis on which Atelier Nord will produce the show and conference in September. As soon as the overall budget is clear, the artists and their projects will be announced.
Today we also defined the area in which uio (urban interface oslo) will take place: It will be the south part of Gr├╝nerlokka, Toyen and Gronland. These are three neighbouring districts in the city center which offer spatial, architectural and cultural diversity to the artists. Also Atelier Nord and the UKS gallery are located in this area where the uio headquaters might be installed.

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