Thanks to all involuntary and anonymous participants of the artwork
4.05.2007 by Urban Interface Berlin

The last weekend for urban interface is here. I’d like to thank the people who made it possible to realise Zone – out of vision:

Thanks Susanne Jaschko for initiating urban interface and backing the making of Zone – out of vision. Big thanks to P Kurzke at Ströher and his jolly electricians as well as the landowner who gave us permission to put up the work. Konzeptwerk ( I have to thank for technical solutions and construction. Big hugs to Max Rebensburg and Simon Menzel who were more than helpful and thanks for all the extra hours you put in. Jacob Jensen is a star worker. Sarah Quigley is the big back up and support person, kisses to you.

So far the lights have been working, which is amazing, and the piece is standing. Thank you, citizens of Berlin, especially Wedding and Mitte for hosting the work. And at last the biggest thanks to all involuntary and anonymous participants of the artwork. If not for you this piece hadn’t been complete.

Gustav Hellberg

Berlin, Friday, May 4, 2007

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