Talk by Tone Hansen tonight
6.05.2007 by Urban Interface Berlin

Before we say goodbye to Berlin and continue urban interface in Oslo in September, we will listen to Tone Hansen tonight about ‘What does public mean?’. Her talk will investigate public space as political space and a platform for independent art and culture, in particular in Oslo.

Tone Hansen is an artist who writes. She lives and works in Oslo, Norway. Currently, working as a research fellow at the Academy of Fine Art in Oslo. Projects include: 2007 Exhibition and publication Megamonstermuseum; How to Imagine a Museum of Today? Solo show at the Photo gallery, Anthology The New Administration of Aesthetics. 2006, Anthology What Does “Public” Mean? Art as a Participant in the Public Arena, Norwegian Sculpture Biennial, Oslo; Poster project for The Subway, Seminar/workshop A Framework for Contemporary Activism. Can Art Create A Public Sphere of its Own?, Conference The New Administration of Aesthetics. 2005 Appendix, The National Gallery, Oslo, Manifesto for an Independent Art Arena, Morgenbladet. Hansen has written texts for IASPIS (Stockholm), Derivé (Austria) and several art magazines and publications as well as newspapers.

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