Urban Interface in Corren.se
22.05.2007 by Urban Interface Berlin

Whole article in Swedish: http://www.corren.se/archive/2007/5/19/j7hqp8172dmrvfd.xml

/…/Torstrasse and Gallerie Sparwasser which is now in function as a central for the project Urban Interface. Ten artists from Scandinavia and the rest of Europe urges attention on the public space in a private context and the artistic works are presented in the public space.

The philosophical discourse is recognisable, ongoing for a decade, but Urban Interface concretises and is keeping the right level and I’m prophesising a bright future for the curator Susanne Jaschko.

In Sparwasser’s nicely cool basement a big screen video is rolling showing a wintry square with light chequered paving. After a while you’re realising that the small dark, ant like silhouettes wanders across the image constitutes a score for Katrine M’s blipping, minimalist music. The sound and the film is synchronised and different relations to time, memory and presence creates a suggestive weave. Suddenly I hear the traffic from Torstrasse falling down into the basement at the same time as some cars in the corner of the video flickers past – sehr schön.

On Bernauerstrasse Gustav Hellberg encounters with three spotlights, mounted on high masts, which are switched off when pedestrians walk on the pavement’s lit fields. Gustav seams to thematize situations of fear and doubt on a site where once the wall was located /…/

Peter Uhr


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