Production workshop for urban interface oslo
24.06.2007 by Urban Interface Oslo

At this very moment we are having a workshop on the production of urban interface which started on Thursday 21 and ends on Monday 25 June. During this workshop we work on the development of artworks and define needs and processes for production. Also artists look for suitable sites for their works during their stay.

The artists articipating in this UIO workshop are:
Michelle Teran from Canada, but based in Berlin. She is currently ‘scanning’ the city of Oslo for wireless transmitting surveilance cameras and has found aleady a couple of sites/surveillance camera images which she will use for her UIO project.

Vibeke Jensen from Norway, but based in New York. Besides discussing the production of her comparably laborious project, she found a very central site for her piece. Let’s keep fingers crossed that we will get the permission to use it.

John Hawke from New York and Sancho Silva from Portugal, but based in Kairo came to Oslo for a first site visit and in order to develop a piece within their Orange Works series for UIO. While we have still no clue if they have found a site and developed a concept for it (but we are all guessing that this is the case), we could already observe small interventions into public space across from the workshop venue.

Hans Christian Gilje is focussing now on 1-3 Soundpockets for UIO and found a number of sites where the sound interventions could be situated. Building the hardware seems to be the main challenge at this point.

HC Gilje, Susanne Jaschko, Atle Barcley

Siri Austeen, Sancho Silva, John Hawke, Vibeke Jensen

Michelle Teran

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