Agonisms in the Park
28.06.2007 by John Hawke

—researches and spatial probes—-

as metaphor: The small aggressive dog (drug dealers inhabiting the park) The running moose (civil police and their startled response) = monument to tactical spatial victory of black economy.

The small aggressive dog (the norwegian state—freed from foreign domination) The running moose (foreigners—here, the impoverished third world that must be run off ) =monument to Norwegian vigilance; an inspirational goal.

as lived space—a preferred site for beer drinking due to protection afforded by sculpture—sculpture detourned to abet illegal uses.

the site Bordered by Securitas (private security firm) Oslo Corporate Headquarters, Oslo Department of Urban Planning.

intervention log: couch removed from dumpster, carried to site cone and sign removed from site of nearby minor road accident warning tape found as trash at various construction sites

-dialectical forces of Permission and Maintenance Law, code, permeability within the state apparatus (permission) versus site presence unfolding in time (maintenance). The static, binary gesture of permission versus the continuing insistence of maintenance.

A minimal intervention in Oslo
24.06.2007 von Urban Interface Berlin in urban interface oslo | Keine Kommentare

We wonder, wether this monument praises the moose or the moose hunting dog…and who put the couch and the barrier in front of it……

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