Support for Orangeworks
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Orangworks have been supported with a grant from Luso Americana.

Generous support granted for Blue Wall of Silence.
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Blue Wall of Silence / Vibeke Jensen has received generous support from
Arts Council Norway

nkd Nordic Artists’ Centre (nordisk kunstnersenter dalsåsen)

Norwegian Visual Artist’s Fond /Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond


Norwegian Broadcast Corp. NRK Ulyd logo:

Support from Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond.
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HC Gilje have been supported with a grant from Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond.

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Great news from Canada Council for the Arts.
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Michelle Teran have been awarded with a travel grant for UIO from the Canada Council for the Arts.

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The Porous City: Art claiming the urban void
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urban interface | oslo Exhibition 14 September – 7 October 2007 Conference 14 + 15 September 2007

Vacant shop in Grunerløkka

Conference The Porous City: Art claiming the urban void

Today’s city is a porous and dynamic terrain; the physical world constantly interfaces with the immaterial sphere of electronic and digital data which can easily and unobtrusively cross physical borders. At the same time, the complexity of the city and the widely undefined boundaries between private and public space create a variety of urban voids and grey areas calling for occupation and definition.

The Porous City is a two-day conference on contemporary art practices responding to the multivalent porousness of the urban environment. Artists, theoreticians and curators will discuss the constraints and potential of the urban voids and loopholes, contributing to a contemporary conception of art in public space.

The first day of the conference will focus on the impact of electronic, digital and mobile media on the city. The ubiquitous use of digital, networked and mobile technologies raises new questions about conditions of both private and public spaces. Imperceptible surveillance systems and spy bots, the semi-private on-line forums, the use of the cell phone in public space, easy-to-tap-in wireless data transmission in general – they all have a strong impact on our understanding of private and public space – demanding precise definitions and demarcations of these spaces.

Particularly the 70’s and 80’s celebrated the idea of new technology supporting an open, democratic and networked society. Although these optimistic expectations were not fulfilled, the potential of intercultural and intersocial communication still inhere in new media.

When it comes to public art, new media is capable of occupying physical, virtual and hybrid spaces, offering multiple points of access. In addition, the processual and audiovisual nature of new media results in multifaceted and time-based perception of this type of public art.

Building on the technology centred discourse of the first day, the second day will try to localise interventionist and process-based art within the public art field, the art market and art funding. We will look closely at how these works push the boundaries of the public art genre for its own good and the effect this has on the understanding of urban culture. Emphasis will be laid on the analysis of artistic strategies which invite the audience to interact, contribute to and become active voices in the public sphere.

On both days, the artists who created works for urban interface | oslo will introduce the audience to their artworks, thus illuminating practical and conceptual issues related to public art production and the specific terrain of Oslo’s public space.

In addition, the Open Forum on day two will provide a platform for artists and designers to present current, upcoming and past projects to the conference’s audience and speakers. The Open Forum aims to provide an interactive exchange of knowledge and perspectives on the topic of public art. It gives its presenters the opportunity to draw attention to their individual art practice and to benefit from responses by the target audience.

Confirmed speakers:

Laura Beloff

HC Gilje


John Hawke

Drew Hemment

Susanne Jaschko

Vibeke Jensen

Lev Manovich

Martin Rieser

Florian Rötzer

Sancho Silva

Michelle Teran

Jeremy Wesh

More to come.

Glasgow International Festival goes private and public
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Announcing the dates and theme of the 2008 Festival McKee said:

“Glasgow international has always extended beyond the established art spaces in the city to inhabit derelict or renovated lesser known sites. In 2008 this will continue as the festival spreads even further across Glasgow.”

He added:

“Appropriately, the theme of the third Gi will centre on ideas of public and private—examining the changing nature of public space, the evolving landscape of public and private art funding and the fluid boundaries of privacy in a world of converging mobile technologies.”

Further details of the Gi programme information will be announced in the coming months. For additional information visit and register your details to receive updates.

POST-IT CITY: The Other European Public Spaces
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Giovanni la Varra has published a very interesting article about the temporal nature of public space which he calls the Post-it city. I don’t know how old it is, but I just came across it now. The subsol website has even more good essays on the subject of ‘urban space in movement’.

Urban Screens Manchester 07
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Manchester Conference: 11 + 12 October 2007

Public arts + events programme: 11 – 14 October 2007

Urban Screen Manchester 07 is a two day international conference taking place at Manchester’s Cornerhouse, Manchester‘s international centre for contemporary visual arts and film.

With a wide ranging focus, Urban Screens Manchester 07 explores the conditions for urban screens from a multitude of perspectives, making it highly relevant to media specialists, designers, artists, architects, urban planners, broadcasters and theorists. The Manchester conference is a follow-up to the first groundbreaking conference in this area, Urban Screens 2005 in Amsterdam.

The backdrop of urban screens which Ridley Scott envisioned in ‘Blade Runner’ (1981) has become a reality in some parts of the world today. The omnipresence of public displays such as LED, LCD, plasma screens, large scale projections and media facades demands a critical reflection on their impact on the city and on our perception. At the same time, they offer new possibilities for artistic and non-commercial use, for community development and play.

As broadband rates get ever faster, public screens will increasingly display more streamed content and other net based media formats making their programmes more interactive and less mono-directional. Urban Screens Manchester 07 explores the creation of content, commissioning / funding, curatorship and the architectural possibilities of urban screens in the 21st century.

The conference will feature more than 40 inspirational international experts including:

Mark Bennett senior manager, Target Corporate Media Center

Lucy Bullivant, architectural curator, critic and author

Jean-Claude Bustros, artist and associate professor, Concordia University

Uta Caspari, art historian and researcher, Humboldt University

Micz Flor, media producer, content developer and theorist

Mathias Fuchs, media artist and course leader, Salford University

Mike Gibbons, Director, BBC Live Events

Kristin Gray, director, Victory Media Network

Glenn Harding, multimedia manager, Fed Square Pty Ltd

Erkki Huhtamo, media archaeologist, UCLA

Adam Hyde, artist and tactical media planner

Michelle Kasprzak, programmes director, New Media Scotland

Sylvia Kouvalis, curator, Yama screen

David Lakin, chartered engineer and principal consultant, Arup

Jason Lewis, digital artist and technology researcher, Concordia University

Joachim Sauter, media artist/designer and artistic director, ART+COM

Guenther Selichar, artist

Jen Southern, media artist and lecturer, University of Huddersfield

Mike Stubbs, director, FACT

Alexander Stublic, artist, Mader Stublic Wiermann

Maria Stukoff, artist and researcher, MMU

Els Vermang, artist, LAb(au)

The conference is accompanied by a dynamic programme of public events that show creative content in action in city centre Manchester. The city centre will come alive to an exciting range of international art works on public screens ranging from mobile projection, VJ sets, live streaming, video and animation programmes and audiovisual performances.

Register your interest here.

Delegate rates: £100 for both days / £80 for 1 day Concessionary rates (student / unwaged): £80 for both days / £60 for 1 day Group bookings available for 10+ student delegates

Urban Screens Manchester has been curated by Dr Susanne Jaschko (Germany) whose curatorial credits to date include transmediale (Germany), urban interface (Berlin / Oslo) and SCAPE Biennial of Art in Public Space (New Zealand)

COMPETITION Paradoxes of the Public – Art in Public Spaces
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The City of Duisburg and the Duisburg Marketing GmbH are the organizers of the competition „Paradoxes of the Public“ which is supported by the Federal Cultural Foundation (Kulturstiftung des Bundes), the Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia, the North Rhine-Westphalian Initiative UrbanBuildingCulture (Initiative StadtBauKultur NRW) and Vodafone. Co-organizer is the RUHR.2010 – European Capital of Culture.

In order for art to work as a germ cell and laboratory for what is new, one of the most important questions that must be answered is: Where are the public crystallization points emerging today, the points that radiate social dynamics, and where can art help them to take on a face, an image, a form

The goal of this competition, in preparation for 2010, the year of the European Capital of Culture in the Ruhr, is to initiate new art forms adapted to changed public spaces that take into account the perceptions of the users of a city (as drivers, consumers and telecommunications users) and will ideally invite people to participate.

The assignment will be to develop artists’ works exploring the aesthetic and social conditions of the following three public spaces:

1. Consumer Spaces: Shopping Malls and Arcades 2. Transitory Spaces: Streets and Motorways 3. Data Spaces: Mobile Technologies

Admitted to participate are artists and artists’ groups working in the fields of visual arts, media arts, performance, architecture, urban research / spatial planning.

It is proposed to realize three of the award-winning works in May 2008 for a limited period of time as part of the festival “Duisburger Akzente – State Cultural Festival of North Rhine-Westphalia”.

Deadline for submissions is October 1st.


Graffitti Research Lab promotes Lucky Strike?
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See article: