COMPETITION Paradoxes of the Public – Art in Public Spaces
19.07.2007 by Urban Interface Berlin

The City of Duisburg and the Duisburg Marketing GmbH are the organizers of the competition „Paradoxes of the Public“ which is supported by the Federal Cultural Foundation (Kulturstiftung des Bundes), the Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia, the North Rhine-Westphalian Initiative UrbanBuildingCulture (Initiative StadtBauKultur NRW) and Vodafone. Co-organizer is the RUHR.2010 – European Capital of Culture.

In order for art to work as a germ cell and laboratory for what is new, one of the most important questions that must be answered is: Where are the public crystallization points emerging today, the points that radiate social dynamics, and where can art help them to take on a face, an image, a form

The goal of this competition, in preparation for 2010, the year of the European Capital of Culture in the Ruhr, is to initiate new art forms adapted to changed public spaces that take into account the perceptions of the users of a city (as drivers, consumers and telecommunications users) and will ideally invite people to participate.

The assignment will be to develop artists’ works exploring the aesthetic and social conditions of the following three public spaces:

1. Consumer Spaces: Shopping Malls and Arcades 2. Transitory Spaces: Streets and Motorways 3. Data Spaces: Mobile Technologies

Admitted to participate are artists and artists’ groups working in the fields of visual arts, media arts, performance, architecture, urban research / spatial planning.

It is proposed to realize three of the award-winning works in May 2008 for a limited period of time as part of the festival “Duisburger Akzente – State Cultural Festival of North Rhine-Westphalia”.

Deadline for submissions is October 1st.


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