Urban Screens Manchester 07
23.07.2007 by Urban Interface Berlin

Manchester Conference: 11 + 12 October 2007

Public arts + events programme: 11 – 14 October 2007

Urban Screen Manchester 07 is a two day international conference taking place at Manchester’s Cornerhouse, Manchester‘s international centre for contemporary visual arts and film.

With a wide ranging focus, Urban Screens Manchester 07 explores the conditions for urban screens from a multitude of perspectives, making it highly relevant to media specialists, designers, artists, architects, urban planners, broadcasters and theorists. The Manchester conference is a follow-up to the first groundbreaking conference in this area, Urban Screens 2005 in Amsterdam.

The backdrop of urban screens which Ridley Scott envisioned in ‘Blade Runner’ (1981) has become a reality in some parts of the world today. The omnipresence of public displays such as LED, LCD, plasma screens, large scale projections and media facades demands a critical reflection on their impact on the city and on our perception. At the same time, they offer new possibilities for artistic and non-commercial use, for community development and play.

As broadband rates get ever faster, public screens will increasingly display more streamed content and other net based media formats making their programmes more interactive and less mono-directional. Urban Screens Manchester 07 explores the creation of content, commissioning / funding, curatorship and the architectural possibilities of urban screens in the 21st century.

The conference will feature more than 40 inspirational international experts including:

Mark Bennett senior manager, Target Corporate Media Center

Lucy Bullivant, architectural curator, critic and author

Jean-Claude Bustros, artist and associate professor, Concordia University

Uta Caspari, art historian and researcher, Humboldt University

Micz Flor, media producer, content developer and theorist

Mathias Fuchs, media artist and course leader, Salford University

Mike Gibbons, Director, BBC Live Events

Kristin Gray, director, Victory Media Network

Glenn Harding, multimedia manager, Fed Square Pty Ltd

Erkki Huhtamo, media archaeologist, UCLA

Adam Hyde, artist and tactical media planner

Michelle Kasprzak, programmes director, New Media Scotland

Sylvia Kouvalis, curator, Yama screen

David Lakin, chartered engineer and principal consultant, Arup

Jason Lewis, digital artist and technology researcher, Concordia University

Joachim Sauter, media artist/designer and artistic director, ART+COM

Guenther Selichar, artist

Jen Southern, media artist and lecturer, University of Huddersfield

Mike Stubbs, director, FACT

Alexander Stublic, artist, Mader Stublic Wiermann

Maria Stukoff, artist and researcher, MMU

Els Vermang, artist, LAb(au)

The conference is accompanied by a dynamic programme of public events that show creative content in action in city centre Manchester. The city centre will come alive to an exciting range of international art works on public screens ranging from mobile projection, VJ sets, live streaming, video and animation programmes and audiovisual performances.

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Delegate rates: £100 for both days / £80 for 1 day Concessionary rates (student / unwaged): £80 for both days / £60 for 1 day Group bookings available for 10+ student delegates

Urban Screens Manchester has been curated by Dr Susanne Jaschko (Germany) whose curatorial credits to date include transmediale (Germany), urban interface (Berlin / Oslo) and SCAPE Biennial of Art in Public Space (New Zealand)

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