Blue Wall of Silence process
6.09.2007 by vibeke

moving the pentagon from nkd

Tuesday we moved the pentagon from the Nordic Artist’s Center in Dale on the west coast to Oslo. Elisabet, my dear friend and director of NKD drove the rented truck the 9 hours ride. We parked in front of the Munch museum and concluded the endeavor with some shots of Jack. 1000 takk to the people who helped in Dale: Svein Ove, Elisabet, Justina, Jakob, Ewa and Jarek, Gudrun, Maria, Michael, Agne, Even, Per Gunnar and Camilla.
Blue Wall of Silence walls

The making of the walls: 15 (+1) panels, each 1m x 3 m. Water, flour, shredded paper and sunflower seeds.

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