Preview of new site-specific work in Drammen
11.09.2007 by sujaschko

At the end of the first UIO conference day, Emil Martin Krudøl will give an exclusive preview of the three new works commissioned for the motorway bridge in Drammen, Norway. Krudøl was a consultant to the project.
In connection with the building of a new motorway bridge, (a four lane bridge, almost two kilometres long, going through the centre of Drammen town), across the Drammen river, the Municipality (Drammen kommune) contacted the Norwegian Public Road Administration (Statens vegvesen), the County (Buskerud fylkeskommune) and Public Art Norway (Koro), with the aim of realising artprojects according to this situation.
Three projects came out of it: under the bridge – on the bridge – by the bridge

.Map of the locations

Arnekleiv’s project is a visual answer to the bridge as a construction, as well as it creates a dialog between the bridge and its surroundings. By the physical shaping of the park under the bridge, the focus is drawn away from the ambient noise and the attention is directed towards your own movements and the closer environment.

Gundersen’s starting point is the continuous movement of the bridge. Through changes in temperature, the bridge, from cold winter to hot summer, can change its length up to two meters. The power of locomotion drives a big polished stone wheel that hangs on the bridge. On the top of the stone wheel there is attached a specially designed instrument of steel, with an edge covered with diamonds. This instrument, and its edge, is pressed against the stone, cutting its way down through the wheel towards its centre. Over the years we will be able to read the bridges movements in the stone and within maybe 60 – 100 years, the stone wheel will have to be exchanged.

LISTEN by Istvan Lisztes
Lisztes created an immaterial “bridge” across the two riverbanks, a metaphor for connection and contact. Two pillars are situated one on each side of the river, each one carrying a figure. These figures are facing each other, with a gesture as if they are shouting to each other from one bank to the other.

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