moose renovation area
12.09.2007 by John Hawke

-discovery of a man (who turns out to be the parks commisioner) and the exhibition producer meeting in front of the moose site by observing footage taken from our 24 hour surveillance camera of the site (using a small cosmetics mirror attached to the outside of the atelier nord second floor office)

-the revelation of the permissions process causes some consternation– what is the function of the camouflage language of florescent orange if the work is officially sanctioned? is it just performative? if so that seems a problem. we decide to try and push the work to be a bit more assertive as compensation–

the 10 hinged walls (each two by two meters) to be attached as reconfigurable spatial framing tools to the structure, should help


-in the afternoon, occupation of the site after moving the modular elements out of atelier nord using a hoist and assembling them on the moose plateau


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