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12.09.2007 by sujaschko

Through the open call for the Open Forum we received a number of very interesting projects which will be presented and discussed on Saturday, 15 September between 14:45 and 16:00.

VISITOR beta by Silver & Hanne Rivrud
The project VISITOR is an intervention into social and public situations. What happens to the social games between people when one person is remotely controlled?
The project questions the role of simulation in our everyday lives, and tries to reverse the simulation back into reality. Hidden in the crowd, Visitor (the avatar) is attending a big social event. He is like anyone of us, but connected to him via mobile networks you can control his actions and influence the social game at the event. By using a mobile phone with the Visitor application, the player can send different commands to the avatar. When the avatar hears these commands, he has to do them, but still act natural. Connected to him via mobile networks, people can remain incognito and safe, while he experiences the true pain of life.
Production team: Martin Havnør, Hanne Rivrud, Petr Svarovsky, Johan Sæther, Christian Tviberg. Developed in collaboration with Vodafone GROUP R&D Germany and Atelier Nord, Oslo, Norway.

Ny Musikk (Norwegian section of the International Society for Contemporary Music) asked NODE to do a purely visual project about sound in public space. For this project NODE co-operated with Felix Weigand to develop an alphabet that is playing with visual musical references. This alphabet was used to write sound-words in parks in Oslo, Berlin and Amsterdam — without announcing it or asking for permission.
“Masselyd” (Mass[ive]-sound) was initiated by Ny Musikk in cooperation with NODE and was run for two days in November 2006. A veteran bus with a massive speaker system mounted on the roof was driven around in the city centre of Oslo playing contemporary music for the masses. The sound being played ranged from Kurt Schwitters and Alvin Lucier to new and unpublished pieces by Norwegian contemporary composers.

TILGIVELSE by Aase-Hilde Brekke
During Oslo Open in 2007 an outdoor installation and performance was placed in the park by Grønland Police Station, and Oslo prison near Grønland Park in the eastern side of the city. The project was called “TILGIVELSE”(no.), “Forgiveness”, and was presented as an installation with written texts about forgiveness, which was “planted” in the ground and hung from the trees in the park, and people could write in “The Book Of Forgiveness!”, in the interactive performance held. The park is a neuralgic spot in Olso where drugs are sold and openly used. The park is close to the biggest prison in Norway, which represents an official take on forgiveness. For the project, people were invited to write a text about forgiveness and send it to the artist.

The Avatar Orchestra Metaverse is an orchestra within Second Life, a threedimensional virtual world populated by avatars - online representations created by people who acts in Second Life through the avatar. The Avatar Orchestra Metaverse is an intercontinental orchestra which counts among its members programmers, architects, visual, digital and performance artists as well as musicians and all the possible mixed breed. Its members are an ever changeing mix of backgrounds and generations shaping the orchestra at any time. It just started in early 2007.
To play live within Second Life means to play in a spatial sound environment. As a listener to inworld performance you will hear the music according to where you place yourself with respect to the performers, the performer close to you you hear better than you do the perfomer further away. This audience experience is essential to the performances of Avatar Orchestra Metaverse.
At the Open Forum, Avatar Orchestra Metaverse will play live “Fragula” by Miulew Takahe. The instruments are by Bingo Onomatopoeia. The project will be presented by Leif Inge.
See the documentation of other performances by Avatar Orchestra Metaverse at

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