WALK with us!
12.09.2007 by sujaschko


We will have two different walks during Urban Interface Oslo. The first one is just a walk, not a guided tour. It will be part of the opening on Thursday night, 13th. After the speeches and some social talk supported by a free drink we will depart from Sound of Mu around 8.30 pm and walk together to the artworks’ sites. This walk will be accompanied by the artists and you can request information anytime or just walk, watch, listen and enjoy. Please bring your radios, because three of HC Gilje’s Soundpockets are only audible through radio.

The second walk is a guided tour by me and Hillevi Munthe, the exhibition producer. It takes place on Sunday 16th, 3 pm and also starts at Sound of Mu, the Urban Interface Oslo headquaters. We will give a short introduction into the exhibition project and to every artwork. As most of the artists will have left Olso by Sunday, only Vibeke Jensen will present her piece, The Blue Wall of Silence, herself. This tour will take approximately 1,5 hrs. Don’t forget to bring radios in order to find and listen to the Soundpockets!

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