Banal? Some interim conclusions….
15.09.2007 by sujaschko

Public art is not necessarily about public space. Now public space is hybrid space.

It’s about art which reaches a public without asking for permission.

It’s about interference, but at the same time demands the artist’s responsibility for the public.

Interventionist art sometimes follows too easily the current design trend to create drama and event.

Curators and artists should be given a lot of money and time for public art.

Public art should not give politicians the chance to shift their responsibility to artists.

Public art should operate under the radar.

The artist has to reveal the ‘underground’, the ‘infrastructure.’

Public art is a process in society.

The deployment of public art for the sake of urban regeneration is doubtful.

Both artists and curators must be aware of their pimps.

A party is not public art.

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