Further notes on the installation, reception, and adaptation
20.09.2007 by John Hawke

The solarium complex was completed one week ago on Thursday, Sept. 13. As installed, it contained a lounge unit (capacity 3 persons)


A rest bed, with storage underneath,


and a picnic table with attached benches.


The inside of the structure was posted with a variety of found advertisements from the Oslo streets, notices concerning the urban interface exhibition, and a variety of business cards, notices and advertisements found as parasitic advertising on NYC subways. The intention was simply to provide a fecund base, or (fake) naturalized history for the structure—as if it belonged, but in some wrong way, to the site.


The freestanding walls, covered with plastic sheeting and orange webbing, were designed to loosely define and contain the space, but also to allow for a wide variety of configurations and topological possibilities.


The surveillance camera set up inside Atelier Nord at the beginning of the project to gain information about the use of the site was disactivated.


The completed structure:

It was noticed that a person slept on the bed the first night after installation, and in the following days was in continual but not constant use.


A trash can was installed as well as an industrial ashtray in response to quantities of cigarette butts and trash left in the structure.


Checking the structure in the morning, the foldable walls were closed over the entrance by an overnight user.


Increasingly the structure became naturalized as a site for drug injection.


Discussions have been underway to fix one of the folding walls so that it could not completely close over the opening of the solarium—a change which will perhaps balance the desirability of the structure to a wider variety of users, while still allowing for the above use.

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