Deconstruction Day 1
3.10.2007 by hillevi

Anders and I started deconstructing at Elgsletta to a grand audience that after a short warm-up became a great help. The homeless was happy to have the orange webbing as it would be perfect to put branches to make a hut in the woods. Again I had to fight for Atle’s right to the lounge, but the picknick-table will be taken away tomorrow if the Salvation Army is kind enough to drive it for the guys.

Dreams of huge trolleys or cranes to take the house it self away or small houses just like this one (but with a proper door and window) was a subject throughout the two hours plus it took us to take the walls down. Hinges and screws were taken care of by the helpers so they could construct something of their own.


Anders and the moose


Three happy campers


Getting good help


Orangework sure knows how to construct - those bolts were hard to crack..



“Keep clean - put your garbage in bags or similar”


To be continued…

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  1. Susanne Says:

    I am intrigued by this dissolving of artworks. I think that this a great concept for artworks/shows in general that should be further explored. In art, participation is ususally about building, adding, constructing, but seldom about deconstruction. The gradual disappearance of the UIO artworks is even one more step into the direction of dematerialisation and the complete negation of the art market. Beautiful.

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