Exploring Networked Space Workshop
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Workshop with Michelle Teran
Two one-day workshops Sunday 16th and Tuesday 18th of September, 10 to 16 both days.
The workshop is free.
Limited number of participations, please request participation at urban_interface@anart.no and state which day you want to participate.

This workshop will explore and challenge one’s relation to the urban topologies of space and place. The perceptions and sensations of everyday life, situated in contemporary urban experience is inclusive of private and public, enclosed and open space as well as the data saturated space of networked connectivity. ‘Exploring Networked Space’ is intended to facilitate and challenge conceptions of and distinctions between space, place and non-place both through theoretical lecture and discussion and direct urban exploration.

In this workshop we will examine the spaces of embodiment and how they are overlaid with the media space of ‘flows’. Participants will look at these social, political, philosophical and artistic relationships from the perspectives of objects, actions, rituals and movement. After the theory we will head out into onto the street - locating, examining and documenting some of these relationships within the city itself. We will use a video scanner, Gaussmeter, stumbling software and our own visual powers of perception to collaboratively create a three channel video piece to be viewed at the end of the day.

Breif workshop schedule:
- a theoretical lecture
- introduction to the equipment
- a walk around the city, recording subjective views (including the surveillance)
- return to the studio and review the material.

Michelle Teran is exhibiting artist of urban interface | oslo
More about Michelle Teran

Article in Japanese on uib on Art Yuran
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If you can read Japanese this review of urban interface berlin by Miki Kanai could be interesting.

Art Yuran article

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Foto von der Eröffnung/Photo of opening: Daniela Friebel

Am Sonntag, den 6. Mai, 20 Uhr, findet nach dem Vortrag von Tone Hansen ‘What does public mean?’ die Finissage von uib statt. Feiert mit uns mit! Die Getränke sind billig, fuer Musik ist gesorgt. Ein letztes Mal interfacen mit uib Künstlern und Team…..

uib zentrale im Sparwasser HQ, Torstrasse 161, 10115 Berlin

Please celebrate with us the closure of uib on Sunday, May 6 at 8 pm, right after Tone Hansen’s lecture ‘What does public mean?’. Take you last chance to interface with the uib artists and team. Drinks are cheap as usual, music is provided.

uib headquarters at Sparwasser HQ, Torstrasse 161, 10115 Berlin

Danke! for audience for participating, etc :-)
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My grateful thank you;s for all the people participating with The Head-piece. As it happened the piece decided to take a life of its own and unexpectedly de-formed on the surface layer(although it is technically still functioning). I guess, one could just comment, that’s life. It is a future question for the artist whether to make a version n:o 3 of the piece (or just put it into the category of past projects)… Anyway, my big thanks also for the whole team who made UI happen :-))

Telepolis veröffentlicht Artikel über Produktionen von Öffentlichkeiten
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Telepolis hat hier einen Essay der Kuratorin, Autorin und Kunstwissenschaftlerin Dr. Petra Reichensperger veröffentlicht. ,Produktionen von Öffentlichkeiten – Ein Plädoyer für verschiedene Ausstellungsformate’ stellt unter anderem anhand von urban interface Überlegungen zur Kunst im öffentlichen Raum sowie das sich wandelnde Verständnis von Öffentlichkeit und Privatheit an.

spreeblick.com schreibt über urban interface
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Der Berliner Spreeblick-Weblog schreibt hier über urban interface, im Fokus steht Daniel Jolliffe mit seiner Arbeit Berliner Stimmen.

Review on ‘We make money not art’
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See Regine’s review. We particularly like that it says ‘part 1’. Looking forward to part 2….

tageszeitung schreibt über urban interface berlin
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Die tageszeitung berichtet in ihrer Ausgabe vom 18. April über urban interface berlin. Es werden die Arbeiten von Gustav Hellberg, Department für öffentliche Erscheinungen sowie von Oliver Hangl vorgestellt. Hier steht der Artikel online zur Verfügung.

artnet bringt Artikel über urban interface
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Das Online-Kunstmagazin artnet hat einen Artikel über urban interface veröffentlicht. Julia G. Schneider schreibt hier über die einzelnen künstlerischen Projekte und stellt sie in den Kontext mit anderer Kunst im öffentlichen Raum.

Cancellation of Gustav Hellberg’s artist talk
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Unfortunately, Gustav Hellberg had to cancel his artist talk today due to sickness. However, Niklas Goldbach is ready to present his work in urban interface berlin and a selection of video works.