urban interface | oslo exhibition open from September 14th to October 7th.
Opening at Sound of Mu, Markveien 58, Thursday 13th of September at 19:00.

urban interface Oslo map 03

[uio|2] Blue Wall of Silence: Vibeke Jensen (NO)
bluewallsmall.png A high wall in the shape of a pentagon will be erected on Vaterlandstorget. People’s interactions with the pentagon trigger sensor driven sounds and blinking emergency lights. The walls of the pentagon will crumble and the barriers the wall has created will transform into an open framework that can be used for public expression.
Site: Vaterlandsparken

[uio|4] Michelle Teran (CA): Friluftskino
friluftsmall.png By accessing video images from surveillance cameras with a video scanner, an alternate journey into the non-places of Oslo will be done. Once a day, for a period of seven days, different places throughout the districts of Grønland and Grünerløkka will be used as location for Friluftskino. The live transmission will last as long as a feature length film.
Site: To be announced at Sound of Mu, Markveien 58

[uio|5] Soundpockets: HC Gilje (NO)
soundpocksmall Soundpockets is a series of projects of intimate sound interventions in public spaces. By using fm radiowaves, soundbeams and miniature speakers local pockets of sound are created. The different projects have different scope and focus: creating private listening rooms, changing soundtracks of a location, displacement of time/or space and a bit of general disruption of everyday life.
Site: Ingens gate by Blå, Rathkesplass, The oak outside of Doga by Mecca and the benches outside of ABC driver at Tøyen center (Sigurdsgate)

[uio|6] Orange Works: Sancho Silva (PT) and John Hawke (US)
orangesmall.png A temporary construction camouflaged as an in-process construction will be placed
at Elgsletta close to Akerselva in Oslo. The construction is an intervention and will reorganize a public space. Reactions of the local population to the construction will be documented.
Site: Elgsletta vis-a-vis Plan og bygningsetaten

[uio|3] Telart: Jørgen Larsson (NO) and Bjørnar Habbestad (NO)
telartsmall.png Telart is about talking - and four modified phone booths will be placed in the streets between Tøyen, Grønland and Grünerløkka. Users of the phone booths can leave messages of any topic to be communicated to an anonymous audience of local phone users and into a sound installation at urban interface headquarters at Sound of MU.
Site: Qba café, Parkteateret, Dattera til Hagen, Deichmanske Library (Tøyen) and Sound of Mu

[uio|1] The Head: Laura Beloff (FI)
headblacksmall.gif The Head is a wearable sculpture with connection to Internet and is available for adoption by the public. The person adopting the piece becomes responsible for it and the Head should follow its “foster-parent” everywhere. The public can send sms messages to the Head and receive an image with sound as a reply to the sender. The Head is a nomad living amongst the people, moving from place to place in Oslo.
Site: Sound of Mu