Jørgen Larsson (NO) and Bjørnar Habbestad (NO)
Telart - an automatic interpersonal communications facilitator.

So, then art is about talking again. Not talking in the sense where one person is c-o-m-m-u-n-i-c-a-t-i-n-g to another, but talking as our collective behaviour - i.e. when we use our telephones. In Telart, messages and conversations transmutes the intended and becomes something else. Both as semantic objects and as sonic components, the way we talk to each other comes to life outside the context of our normal everyday interaction with telecommunications technology.


Telart is a three-legged project consisting of a series of modified phone booths placed in the streets between Tøyen, Grønland and Grünerløkka, a sound installation and a telephone server providing contact with the telephone users of the city of Oslo. During the exhibition people in the streets of Oslo can engage with the phone booths and leave messages of any topic to be communicated to an anonymous audience of local phone users. This slight transformation or perversion of the phone system allows the artists to create a large network of knowing and unknowing people - communicators, receivers, and participators - all connected solely by the artwork.


As Telart’s phone system and the messages it is collecting will grow during the period it is exhibited, a sound installation will slowly evolve at Urban Interface’s Headquarters at Sound of MU. The collected messages will find their way and place into a sound installation for people to eavesdrop on. Here, a true sonic x-ray of the project will be presented, displaying not only the multitudes of messages mediated but also the vocal fingerprints of the people behind them.


Bjørnar Habbestad (NO) and Jørgen Larsson (NO)
Bjørnar Habbestad and Jørgen Larsson have worked together since the mid-nineties in and around the field of sonic arts. Curator/artist, project leader/employee, artist/critic, composer/musician - their relationship is one of a highly complex matter. telart_automat is still their first fully collaborative work. Here they combine sonic elements from the world of telephones, social interaction strategies, spam culture and the traditional installation format.

Bjørnar Habbestad
(b. 1976) performs, improvises and creates music and sound art. He is educated in music, art history and philosophy from Bergen, London and Amsterdam. Recent activity includes the Norwegian premiere of Luigi Nono`s “Das Atmende Klarsein” with the Danish Radio Chamber Choir, trio performances with free-jazz veterans Frode Gjerstad and Fred Lonberg- Holm, a Habbestad&Larsson sound installation for the art biennale ARTICLE and the performance of USA/USBs latest electro acoustic work at the Dutch GAUDEAMUS festival.

Jørgen Larsson
(b.1972) is a musician, sound artist and curator from Bergen, Norway. He holds a MFA from The Art Academy in Trondheim completing his training as a classical pianist at The Grieg Academy, Bergen. In 2000 he founded BEK - Bergen center of Electronic Art - together with Gisle Frøysland. He has made music for concert, dance and cinema, as well as installations and conceptual works for public spaces, the net and the white cube.