Laura Beloff (FI)
The Head - Wearable Sculpture

Within the framework of urban interface | oslo, The Head documents different public and private spaces over a period of three weeks. The Head is a wearable sculpture that will be carried around by miscellaneous persons in their everyday life. It contains an “eye” which is a camera connected to a mobile phone which is again connected to the Internet. It can be operated via text message at any time.

thehead5-copy.jpg thehead9-copy.jpg

Images and sounds will be recorded as soon as a text message has been received on the mobile phone, and the recorded files will be relayed to the sender. Additionally, the images will be saved on the website of the project and will be accessible to the public. The archived images and sounds offer a glimpse into private and public situations without the wearer being able to control this access to his life from outside. The function of the The Head is based on the principle of the networked and mobile society.


Send The Head a text message to 41176190 and he will send a MMS back to you, with the image and the sound from the place he currently is.
All images will be collected and can be seen under


If you are interested in wearing The Head during the exhibition time (September 14th to October 7th 2007) for some days, please send us your preferred days by email to You can pick up The Head at the uib headquarters after registration (please bring ID card and phone number) and a deposit of 250 NOK.


Project credits
Programming (symbian) for the phone by Mika Raento, web-programming developed by Bundes, help and consulting on the physical prototype by Germain Ngoma, the model for the head was made by Juhani Rytkölä and realized with the help of Ari Arvola. Also thanks to Erich Berger for help, advice, suffering, and patience.

Projections of the new images taken by The Head at Sound of Mu
Photography Archive:

Laura Beloff (FI)
Laura Beloff was born in Finland in 1964, she lives and works in Helsinki as a media artist. Mainly she works artistically with mobile and wearable technologies and examines the social influences of them. She exhibits internationally and has received many awards including the Finnish State and Ministry Of Culture’s Art Award. Currently Beloff investigates “wearable futures” and “integrated media”. These are artistic projects that consider the human body and clothing as possible media interfaces.˜off/off

Photo: Daniela Friebel

The project is kindly supported by Finnish Fund for Art Exchange and Norsk Kulturråd, Norway.